Eyrie - All In All
Eyrie - All In All
Eyrie - All In All
Eyrie - All In All
Eyrie - All In All
Eyrie - All In All
Eyrie - All In All
Energy Crow Records

Eyrie - All In All

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A group who showed up, shredded atoms in the air around them, and walked away like it was nothing; a six-piece outfitted with two bassists, because why not; a short-lived Russian screamo outfit from the early 2010s; Eyrie, the inaugural project of Energy Crow Records.

Eyrie were the first band I reached out to last year when I decided to launch this label. If you like screamo (or any hardcore-adjacent genre), demo tapes of legendary cult status are nothing new to you. Perhaps you've even heard their five-track, seven-minute blistering introductory offering from 2012. Those deep enough in the rabbit hole of Bandcamp-era emo know the cult status it's earned as a result of their adoration.

According to Paul, frontman for Eyrie, their second (untitled) release was planned for a 10" release before plans fell through and all they could do after regrouping was produce a run of cassettes. Dissatisfied with how the mixing and mastering came out, upset by release plans' unexpected change, and tiring of being a band altogether, Eyrie disbanded after just one year, two tapes, and 6-7 shows under their collective belt.

I'm proud to present my first attempt at making long-abandoned dreams come true: All In All, a complete discography release.

The last year of emails back-and-forth have been spent making sure every detail fit the band's vision. Rather than pull any fancy type of packaging, flashy colors, or grand spectacle, they chose to make it as DIY as possible, replicating specifics of a 10" that, should history have gone differently, would've existed in 2013.

All In All / ECR-01 Specs:

Fully remastered, both for vinyl and in an attempt to make the final tape sound the way Eyrie always intended it to. All In All manages to be more unrelenting, skull-smashing, and punishing while improving the original releases' dynamics and remaining true to the noisy, lo-fi aesthetic. Both of the tapes have been updated, but specifically comparing the old/new versions of Untitled material make a world of difference.
- Uncoated paper jackets, hand-Xeroxed lyrics inserts on colored paper to match each variant, back cover color detailing in yellow crayon for maximum DIY love.
- 10" vinyl on two variants:

/100 I've Been Taking Translucent Blue Medicine For Three Weeks And Still No Effect
/100 All In Oxblood

...and divided into its two component parts:

Side 2012
1. Cows Came Home
2. The History Of A Sleepless Night
3. I've Been Taking Prescribed Medicine For Three Weeks And Still No Effect
4. How I Spent This Summer
5. To The Ground

Side 2013
1. Cows Came Home
2. Relapsed
3. All In All
4. The History Of A Sleepless Night
5. Embers
6. Moulder
7. I've Been Taking Prescribed Medicine For Three Weeks And Still No Effect
8. How I Spent This Summer

The remastered tracks are available now at a pay-what-you-want rate on Bandcamp (streaming services soon to come): https://energycrowrecords.bandcamp.com/album/all-in-all